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1 hr. 59 mins.
Shailene Woodley, Theo James
Advanced screening 3/19/15. Tickets on sale now.
Cate Blanchett, Lily James
Opens 3/13/15. Advanced screening 3/12. Tickets on sale NOW!
Focus (R)
1 hr. 44 mins.
Will Smith, Margot Robbie
1 hr. 23 mins.
Evan Peters, Olivia Wilde
1 hr. 33 mins.
Rob Corddry, Adam Scott
2 hr. 8 mins.
Kevin Costner, Ramiro Rodriguez
2 hr. 5 mins.
Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson
2 hr. 9 mins.
Colin Firth, Michael Caine
1 hr. 33 mins.
Clancy Brown, Tom Kenny
2 hr. 14 mins.
Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller
1 hr. 59 mins.
Richard Gere, Julia Roberts
Sorry, No Passes AllowedRetro Night. Thursday, March 5th at 4pm & 7pm. Tickets only $5!
1 hr. 33 mins.
Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges
April 10th @ 7pm only. Screenwriter will be here for Q&A.
1 hr. 45 mins.
Harrison Ford, Karen Allen
Retro Night. April 16th at 4pm & 7pm. Tickets only $5!
1 hr. 52 mins.
Judy Garland, Frank Morgan
Retro Night. Thursday, April 2nd at 4pm & 7pm. Tickets only $5!
3/26/15: The Incredible Human Journey: Asia. Part 2 in our series.